Friday, July 20, 2007

My First Blog Candy!

Well, I would have uploaded this last night but because of the storms that hit yesterday afternoon I have been without the internet. Good OL' Cincinnati Bell! Anyway, Here it is!!!
-Clear stamp set from Doodlebug- photopolymer
-Velum snowflake stickers from Sticko
-Cocktail stickers from Sticko
-Margarita stamp from Katie & Co
-Mini Blossoms from MM
-1 yard each of SU ribbon- taupe, bluebird, vintage violet
-1 yard each of green and white polka dot, blue and white paisley, black and blue dots (matches cool Caribbean)
I will ship anywhere in the continental US. Sorry! I will auction this off randomly, after I get 700 hits. All you have to do is post a comment under this thread and tell me your favorite cocktail or adult beverage, or coffee drink. Caution: I may email you for recipes!!!!
Here is my favorite recipe for at home iced coffee mocha:
1cup milk, 1cup cold coffee, 3T chocolate syrup (more or less to taste), pour over ice! Enjoy!
Thanks for playing!


Candi said...

I'll play. favorite drink right now is a little lemonade, little cranberry juice, little watermelon pucker and a little tequila (you can leave this out if you prefer). Mix them to your taste. VERY yummy and addicting. Great idea, I'll be checking back for other drink ideas.

Anonymous said...
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Nessa said...

Chili’s Margarita Presidente
I went to Chili’s one day and got really bad service. The manager asked what he could do to make it up to me. I told him he could get me this recipe and he did! The BEST margarita!

1 ¼ oz. Sauza Conmemorativo Tequila
½ oz. Cointreau
½ oz. President Brandy
Splash of lime juice
4 oz. sour mix

Shake over ice and enjoy in moderation.

BTW, Love your Banner and I love the name of your BLOG...too cute!
Vanessa (SCS - nessastamps)

Jessica said...

Well, I mainly drink water, milk and juice. So this is hard. I do like hot chocolate in the winter with little marshmellows in it. Does that count?

CAKVD said...

Hello! My favorite is White Zinfendel wine. I don't drink much, but when I do, this is what I get! Yum!
Cheryl KVD

Cathy said...

Congrats on your hits and what sweet yummy candy you are sharing with your readers. I'm going to have to try your recipe, it sounds great. I drink coffee and I like to put the store bought creamers in. I know very boring, but had to try for your generous candy. Thanks for a chance.

Jen said...

I wanna play.......I was just thinking about this drink. Not too long ago a bartender at the local bar whipped this treat up for my girlfriend and I.

1 shot Malibu rum
1 shot Midori
1 shot pineapple juice
1 spoonful of whip cream

Mix all in a martini shaker w/ some ice and your set to go. It's called a Scooby Snack. Oh so yummy!

Pattyjo said...

I don't drink anything except water and Diet Dr. Pepper. I don't drink...but if I did, I would pick a drink that would taste like a pop would.

Lilian said...

my favorite mixed drink is pineapple juice and malibu rum.

my favorite coffee drink is ultimate vanille ice blended from coffee bean and tea leaf. :)

Cindy Vernon said...

My favorite drink is non-fat white chocolate mochas from Starbucks. My favorite adult drink are Ameretto Sours, 2 parts sweet and sour to 1 part Amaretto. Yummy.

Linda SS said...

My favorite drinks besides water is a big glass of iced sun tea or a hazelnut granita from my local expresso stand. I've never had the hard stuff except for an occassional Strawberry Daquiri on New Years Eve.

Becca said...

not much of an exciting adult drinker. my fave drink is chocolate mint hot cocoa mixed up in my cute little cocoMotion.

Great candy!! thanks!

Michelle & Frank said...

Awesome blog candy! Great blog, too.

I can always go for a nice glass of Sangria on a hot summer day.

Peggy Maier said...

I don't drink alcohol & don't care much for coffee - so my favorite "adult" beverage is a nice cold Root Beer float from Sonic! Nothing better!

Jan Scholl said...

I am not much of an adult drinker but I like Michigan wines-especially one called Otis info here
But I sometimes like amaretto on the rocks in the winter when coming in and sitting by the fire.

also a hot cup of good old english breakfast tea or some chai is pleasing. at least I can drive after those.

Michelle said...

Very cute banner:) I'm not much of a drinker but I love a nice iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts with extra cream and 12 splenda(my husband gets embarrassed ordering for me;)

Angel W said...

Well, not a coffee drinker or adult beverage drinker. BUT, I wouldn't trade my Chai tea for anything and I love a Chai smoothie. Yum..

Denise said...

WHne I was in college we went to this bar on Thursday nights for 5 cent wings and Frozen Toasted Almonds..mmmmmmmm.....I have not been able to duplicate the drink or get anyone else to make it for sad! It was awesome too....still hoping to find that bartender someday!

PS Love your banner!

KayellWY said...

Congratulations on your growing number of hits and thanks for the opportunity to play for your candy. :) I'm a coffee drinker and I used to work part time, now on occasion in our LSS where we also have a coffee/smoothie counter. My favorite winter drink was a "Mint Pattie" latte. It tastes like a caffeinated York Mint pattie.

Karen L.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog candy!! My favorite drink is a Watermelon Margarita - it's the perfect refreshing drink for summer!

Hope you're having a fun and crafty summer!

scrappintrish said...

Hi, I do not drink.. But, favorite non alcholic drink would have to be those frozen expresso things. I like the French Vanilla.

Welcome To Jades Butterflies! said...

I have 2...Montmorency Cherry Wine from Lynfred Winery in Roselle IL, it is so yummy, chill and serve (and it's only about $9 a bottle)!
The second is Sangria...who doesn't love a good sangria in the summer! Chip and salsa you have dinner! Yum! Unfortunatly I make this by the pitcher and don't have exact measurements...although I tend to add or take away depending on who is drinking it :) My big trick is to cut up a lot of fruit very small and soak it in a polish cherry cordial brandy overnight. The other ingredients are, American Merlot (Lynfred) Triple Sec, O.J. & Mountain Dew!

Heidi said...

Hey girl! My fave alcoholic drink is pretty simple. Kaluah! Just pure Kaluah, milk, and a few ice cubes. Soooooo yummy! Happy for all of your hits and comments!! And oh, I can tell Adam has found time to fix your banner! {wink}

LIZZEE said...

I like just black coffee with 1/2 and 1/2 simple but delicous
Pinot Gingio is my drink of choice

Colleen, PA said...

I have a super stressful job so I am always relaxing with a "coctail" when I get home in the evenings. Heineken Light is my new favorite beer and my favorite mixed drink of late, because it is so easy to make, is raspberry vodka and diet sprite zero. Yum! :)

Elaine said...

Brian's Tropical Cooler...mixes freshly squeeze orange, pineapple, rum, splash of lime and crushed ice...yep, it's more of a slushie...but oh so good on a warm day! Kids version which we used to do - Top with some whipped cream, sprinkled cinnamon for fun and a slice of orange and remove the rum!

scfranson said...

Well, I can't have anything with the real thing in it so right now my adult beverage of choice is Iced tea. I know, kind of boring but at least it cools you off. You have a wonderful blog.
Claudia F.

Ashley said...

My favorite drink is chai tea latte. I buy a pre-mixed chai tea package by Pacific Chai, fresh nutmeg from the bulk bins, a little bit of milk. I heat up the mix, add milk and shave in some nutmeg.
This is also great with ice.
I decided to make this after I had had a similar drink at Panera Bread, but then couldn't afford or find anyone else that could make it taste right.

Rachel said...

Your iced coffee mocha sounds delicious! At home I stick with Folgers and flavored creamers. And I let Starbucks mix up my favorite coffee drinks.

Love your blog candy!

Heather said...

Cool candy! I am a coffee freak -- my favorite to order at my local coffee shop is iced coffe, skim milk and a shot of sugar-free carmel. Yum!

jodene said...

I am not a drinker. So I will say my favorite summer drink in cranberry juice and ice tea.

Amy said...

Hey Tiffy!!
My favorite drink is margaritas. Any flavor, but I love them icy and slushy. :D I don't have a recipe, because we're lazy and just usually buy the mix.

Love your banner and your blog!

Amy S.

Kristina Lewis said...

I love any sweet coffe drink and I love La Joya Merlot when I am splurging and having a cocktail! My dad makes great cosmopolitans. He uses Cointreau and Triple Sec. I'll have to ask him about the rest. Have a happy!

Heather Leech said...

I'm not going to be much help here, as I seldom drink alcohol - the odd glass of wine - and I never drink coffee. Even the flavored coffees taste too much like coffee. I remember in my 20's, many years ago, I went through a phase with Malibu rum and koolaid. It was surprisingly good! Or at least I thought so then. Thanks for a chance at some great stuff!!
Heather L.

lighthouseangel said...

Iced tea, especially Raspberry Ice Tea. It is so refreshing.

Julie said...

I don't drink alcohol & rarely drink coffee. But, I do like the iced coffees. Thanks for a chance to win!!

JoAnn said...

My favorite drink is a Colorado Bulldog - Kahlua, Coke, and milk +/- vodka. It's like a white Russian with Coke. So yummy and refreshing too!

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